publication ethics

JSE: Jurnal Sharia Economica is a journal publishes a scientific papers on the results of the study or research and review of the literature in the scope and focus of Islamic Economics. Editor accepts the article has not been published in other media with the writing format as listed on page manuscript writing guidelines. This journal was established in 2022, nau published two times a year, on January and July.  The purpose of this journal is for the publication of scientific articles covering studies within the scope of Islamic Economics, such as:
1. Philosophy of Islamic Economics;    
2. Islamic Economic Thought;    
3. Islamic Economics and Contemporary Issues;      
4. Contemporary issues in Islamic Financial Institutions;    
5. Islamic Management;      
6. Islamic Accounting;      
7. Legal Aspects in Islamic Economics.

Responsibility Editor

  1. Editor  JSE" Jurnal Sharia Economica" is responsible for deciding decent script editor published through board meetings which refers to the requirements of applicable laws regarding defamation, copyright infringement, duplication, fabrication of data, falsification of data and plagiarism.
  2. In the process of the review and acceptance of the manuscript, the editorial team  JSE" Jurnal Sharia Economica" are basically the principle of similarity of treatment in the decision to publish the text, with no distinction as to race, sex, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or political ideology writer.
  3. Editors and editorial team JSE" Jurnal Sharia Economica" will not disclose any information about the script or scripts that go except by permission of the author.
  4. Unpublished manuscripts will not be used by research editor JSE" Jurnal Sharia Economica" for its own interests and will be returned directly to the author.

Responsibility Mitrabestari

Mitrabestari  JSE" Jurnal Sharia Economica" assist the editor in making editorial decisions on manuscripts / manuscripts incoming

  1. Mitrabestari  JSE" Jurnal Sharia Economica" is responsible for the script ditelaahnya recommendations.
  2. The study manuscript is done objectively, and be supported by clear arguments.
  3. Mitrabestari JSE" Jurnal Sharia Economica" is responsible for quotations, references, duplication, fabrication of data, falsification of data and plagiarism on manuscript ditelaahnya.
  4. Mitrabestari  JSE" Jurnal Sharia Economica" must always maintain the confidentiality of information and use information from texts ditelaahnya for profit / private interests.

Responsibility Writer

  1. Authors must present the manuscript of thought or research results clearly, honestly, and without duplication, fabrication of data, falsification of data and plagiarism.
  2. The author is responsible for the confirmation submitted to the text that has been written.
  3. Authors should indicate the reference of the opinions and work of others cited
  4. Writers must write a script ethically, honestly and responsibly, in accordance with the applicable rules of scientific writing.

The author does not mind if his manuscript editing experience on the review process and layout without changing the substance or the main idea of the article.